Thursday, February 24, 2011

My ...

... great, great, grandmother -


I was so excited to see such a great picture of my great, great, grandmother. My bubble was popped as I learned it is a picture of my grandfather's sister. It is still an awesome picture. My grandfather was a photographer and may have taken the picture.


Laura said...

I've only seen the photo of her with George. I'm so excited to see this! Will you email it to me?

Laura said...

Maybe I do have it.

Eloise said...

Sorry, this is not G. W. Huntzinger's mother, but is a great aunt. It's Hubert George Huntzinger's sister Charlotte. She was born 26 Mar 1878.

It is fun you are posting these old pictures. Nice job.


Eloise said...

Boy that sounds confusing. It was my first ever post to a blog or anything else like that and I was a little nervous wondering if I could figure out how to do it!

I should have said, she was not GW's mother, but his daughter. She is the sister of my grandfather, HG, which makes her my great aunt.

Sorry for any confusion.


Sherri said...

How fun to see Eloise comment! Makes me smile...maybe she needs to blog???? Fun!

and fun picture too!!!