Sunday, July 17, 2011

Picnic Time

- We arrive in time for a picnic with Derek and Erica.

- Derek - Erica - Nancy in the food line -

- Back in the shade with our meal -

- I was slow taking the picture and missed the "way to go" kiss -

- The race is on -

- Derek and Erica's company had a drawing for gifts. They gave away X-Boxes, bikes, TVs, kitchen-aid, microwave, etc. Around second to the last, they described the next give as a seven-piece patio set. I look at Derek and said, "you don't want to win this one. It won't fit in the Durango." Just then they announced, "DEREK YOUNG".

- Seven-Piece Patio Gift -

- Happy Erica sitting in one of the chairs. The patio set is now in Roberts storage garage -



LV said...

What a great way to spend family time. Looks like everyone was having a really good time. Especially, after winning that nice prize.

Nancy said...

It was a really fun picnic and something going on all the time!! Thank you Derek and Erica ;)

Sherri said...

Fun picnic! Derek and Erica are such an adorable couple1

Laura said...

That is a score! Yay for them!