Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Landon asked ...

... asked if he could do chores for a Toy Story 3 toy. -

- The plan was for Laura to drop him off at 10 AM; however, Laird called at 9 AM and invited us over for waffles. I went over, but Nancy was getting ready to go visiting teaching and missed out. Yes, this was a surprise to Laura. :)

- Landon returned with me to do chores.

- His first chore was to put weeds in the yard debris bin after I pulled or dug them. He was doing okay until he saw a bug on the bin. To him bugs are bad.

- His second chore was to stack bricks. He became the supervisor right after seeing bugs and spider webs.

- His third chore was to vacuum our AC/heater air filter in the attic. He was excited to go into the attic, but the vacuum made too much noise for him. He held his hands over his ears while I vacuumed.

- Nancy prepared us lunch. Laird and Lach was dropped off for lunch with a mom's promise to be right back. Right back means after lunch and an hour later. I love you Laura. Stephanie was a big help with the three boys. I love you Stephanie, and thanks for the rescue.

The final chore was for Landon to help me put an air conditioner in our bedroom window. Let me explain, we do have central air and heat rises. So the downstairs is nice and cool while we bake upstairs. Hint for the next AC opportunities is plan for zones in the house.

After the window AC was in, and Landon was very good at handing me each tool I asked for, we were off to Walmart. Landon picked our a $6 Buzz Lightyear. I told him he only earned up to a ten-dollar toy.

I will do the same for my other five-year old grandson. Sarah, let me know if he is up to spending five hours working with his grandfather.


Laura said...

His work ethic is the same at our house. He's too funny!
He had SO much fun and is loving his toy. Thanks Grandpa!
And PS - it's not my fault I was an hour, there are always lines at the passport counter. :-)

Nancy said...

He is a hard worker, you just have to keep those bugs away from him!!

5Youngers said...

Michael would love to do that with you. You just pick the day.

Sherri said...

That is very cool...and exactly why it would be great to live closer to Grandparents! Your a great Grandpa..and Uncle! =)