Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sandi's Run...

... A 5K in Salem at Minto Brown Park

- Sandi's Run was a first for Salem, and there are plans to for it to be an annual event. There were some logistic problems, and I will volunteer next year to help mark the route. We were told to stay left and there were a couple of spots we should have stayed right. All in all, I ran 2.49 miles in 36.08 minutes. I was on a pace that would have beat my Utah time by three minutes. I will use my extrapolated time of 44.91 as my time to beat on my next race. :)

Martha is cheering me on, and she is a distant cousin. We both are decendants Lorenzo Dow Young in our lines (our blood). She comes through his first wife and I from his fifth wife. Maybe a distant cousin, but a cousin is a cousin. :)

There was another cousin that was going to run with us, but she came up with an excuse that we must put in the record books. She pulled her hamstrings picking strawberries. Get will soon Kim! No more picking strawberries for you, or you can take a little chair to sit on.

Question, will the hamstring excuse keep her away from Eclipse? Go Team Edward!


neffie said...

You can't help yourself to tease! She was doing squats for hours while she picked the strawberries old man.

But I will admit the wording to that is pretty funny if the part about the squats is left out. Man, I sure hope that's spelled right.

And there is no exercise involved for seeing Eclipse so she'll be there with bells on, right Kim?!

Good job on your timing!

Laura said...

You're hilarious! You did great this morning!

Kim said...

Well......I WAS going to bring you guys some strawberry jam......hahaha!! And of COURSE it will be fully healed by the Tuesday night showing of Eclipse ~ even if I have to do nothing but eat ibuprofen and do stretches until then ;-)

I am glad that you guys had fun and that even though the course was weird, that you would've beaten your old time!

Sherri said...

I can't believe you are PRing everytime...or almost everytime. If you keep it up, you will be a true speed demon by next year roses! I am planning on coming in March, 2011 for the run of the roses! I want to get a rose at the end of my run! It is very important to me! =)

Nancy said...

Good job on your run! Good idea to volunteer ;)

5Youngers said...

You guys rock!!!! keep up the good running!