Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little Michaels's turn ...

... to do chores for a Toy Story 3 toy -

- First chore was to eat breakfast. The young lad wasn't too hungry, and he left some uneaten.

- Moving dirt with a rake

- stacking brinks

- filling the yard debris bin. He and I filled it so we could just get the lid shut

- He found a past father's day gift he gave me . He put his hand over his younger hand and said, "it doesn't fit."

- He picked the same toy as Landon, and he wants to play Toy Story 3 with him. He took a yellow rose bud from the yard home to his mom. He and I had a blast. Also, I was asked over a hundred time, "What time is it?" I have a buddy in Michael.


Nancy said...

He was a very hard worker!! What a great guy!!

Laura said...


5Youngers said...

He had such a great time. Great pics!