Friday, December 31, 2010

Alivia ...

... A day with a young lady -

- Nancy and Alivia spent hours talking, and Nancy commented that it was like talking to an adult.

- We started the adventure at Taco Bell, and Alivia tried the Mango Freeze, and Nancy tried the Orange and Cream Freeze. I stayed with the usual, diet Pepsi.

- Alivia went to a wedding reception with us. Here she is with the bride and groom. Two beautiful women in this picture.

- Alivia designed her own bracelet. I have a nice supply of beads, and Alivia picked the ones she wanted. In this picture she is arranging the order of the beads. I strung the beads on memory wire.

- The finished product.



Nancy said...

Alivia and I had a great time talking, hanging out and talking some more! Don't tell but we went to sleep about 1:00 am. ;)

neffie said...

She's a good girl! Looks like it was another fun night.

5Youngers said...

She had so much fun!

Laura said...

No doubt, she had a blast!

Sherri said...

I am going to make sure my girls dont see all this fun...or they will be flying to Oregon for some of their own fun!