Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Nancy!

... Dear Nancy. For the next six months, you and I are the same age. -

- Enjoy some pictures of Nancy's past -

- This is the picture I carried when I left for Navy duties. Nancy's senior picture.

- I love you Nancy.


Nancy said...

The pictures of my trike and me with my "baby" sure look OLD!!! Like last century.....oh, it was last century!!!
I'm thinking the little foot on my left is Dens' foot as a baby. It's got to be Den, he has his pinky up!

Nancy said...

I was kidding about the pinky, even though it is up. You can see his little face too. That's my little brother back in the olden days ;)

neffie said...

Happy Birthday!!

Laura said...

Happy, happy birthday mom!!

Sherri said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nancy!
Your adorable and Beautiful!!